I have been active in the textile industry since 1970, when I began my career with the formation of my first company focusing on imports and exports. In 1975, I rebranded the company as American Plant and Equipment, Inc., of which I am the current owner and president.

Both companies sold machinery in most countries throughout the world, first specializing in textile dyeing and finishing machinery and later branching out into all areas of the textile industry including cotton spinning, synthetic filament spinning, wool and worsted spinning, weaving, knitting, nonwoven industrial fabric equipment, narrow fabric machinery and other textile machinery.

Over the years we represented and introduced to the United States market such companies as Vamatex, Galvanin, Hauser, Guma and many other European brands. American Plant and Equipment started to concentrate on other fields such as home textiles and nonwoven equipment.

My company currently specializes in a comprehensive range of equipment, from nonwoven equipment, mattress making equipment, medical textiles, and advanced medical machines to face mask machinery and related equipment. Our product lineup also extends to bandages, diverse food stuffs equipment, including a myriad of ovens for different types of food and Tetrapak machines across the entire range, along with efficient sewing equipment.

We provide a vast selection of equipment for mattress and bedspread innerspring making machines, chocolate production machinery, potato chip lines, and even coffee roasting machines. Our blown film, bubble film, metalized film equipment, and powerful oil rigs, along with recycling equipment such as rag picking and tearing machines, are designed for optimal performance.

We also supply pillow blowing equipment, and foam equipment for the mattress, upholstery, and packaging industry. All kinds of textile machines, from opening and cleaning to spinning, weaving, finishing, and printing, round out our offerings, complemented by our advanced power generation systems, including engines, turbines, and combined cycle plants.

Our company currently buys and sells anything from single, individual machines to complete plants and includes installation (turnkey) service. We do consignment sales, brokerage sales, outright purchases for resale, evaluations/appraisals and orderly liquidations.

We have a full shop for reconditioning machinery, complete with mechanical, electrical and electronic technicians prepared to handle a multitude of different machinery, its rebuilding, initial disassembly, reassembly, packing and shipping.

Our purpose is to realize the most value for the client.


New and Used Industrial Machinery.

Medical Equipment, PPE, N95 Mask Making Machines, Nonwoven fabric, etc.

For all your tape edge needs.  From fully reconditioned in our shop to brand new.

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